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Apple GSX report including carrier and country.

serial: XCxxxxxxNF
imei: 354455xxxxxxx
imei2: 3544554xxxxxxx
meid: 3544554xxxx
productDescription: IPHONE 13 STARLIGHT 128GB USA
loaner: N
csncsn2eId: 89049xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx285937
unlocked: N
productVersion: 15.2.1
initialActivationPolicyID: 2279
initialActivationPolicyDetails: US Cricket Locked Policy
nextTetherPolicyID: 2279
nextTetherPolicyDetails: US Cricket Locked Policy
macAddress: 4Cxxxxxx640
lastUnbrickOsBuild: 19C63
productLine: 300428
configDescription: IPHONE 13,NAMM,128GB,STARLIGHT
warrantyStatusCode: LP
warrantyStatusDescription: Apple Limited Warranty
coverageEndDate: 2023 02 24T07:59:59Z
coverageStartDate: 2022 02 24T08:00:00Z
daysRemaining: 374
purchaseDate: 2022 02 24T00:00:00Z
purchaseCountryCode: USA
purchaseCountryDesc: United States
onsiteCoverage: N
laborCovered: Y
limitedWarranty: Y partCovered: Y personalized: N

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